Natural Pain Relief in Frankfort

Far too many people in Frankfort are living with pain. Pain makes literally everything in your life more difficult. Sleeping, walking, working, exercising, relaxing – all of these things are hard to deal with when you are in pain. In Homeopathic medicine, there are a variety of potent homeopathic remedies that can help us reduce and deal with pain.

Advanced Alternative Medcare Dr. Steven F. Van Lopik also utilizes the painless Derma II laser to help reduce inflammation, swelling and pain in the body. Dr. Van Lopik uses the Derma II laser to stimulate acupuncture points on the body, creating cellular level treatment to help implement restorative functioning to the painful areas of your body.

Along with the cellular restoration laser treatment, Dr. Van Lopik will also perform comprehensive scientific testing with a full body scan. This scan is necessary to understand the underlying cause of the pain. For instance, many women experience pain due to hormone imbalances. By performing the scan the team at Advanced Alternative Medcare can devise a full treatment plan to combat the underlying causes of your pain and begin restoring your hormones to equilibrium.

If you are in Frankfort and you are tired of living with pain, whether it is chronic pain or you are recovering from an injury, call Dr. Van Lopik’s office today for an appointment. He will use comprehensive scientific testing to develop the best customized treatment strategy to manage your pain. Call us today and begin restoring your body naturally and relieving your pain so you can have good days.