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    Hello and welcome to Naturopathic Physician – where the people of Orland Park, Frankfort and Lemont come for their natural/ homeopathic alternative medicine needs.

    For those in Orland Park, Frankfort and Lemont unfamiliar with the field here is a brief description of some of the key principles behind our practice.

    Vitalism: More than just the physical

    A vitalism belief is that nature is structured with order, intelligence and balance that directly affect the human body. You may have heard that naturopathic medicine is connected to vitalism (the principle that we contain non-physical elements that affect our health). For example, stress is mental and thus can be understood as non-physical but it also can make you clench your jaw, tighten muscles all over your body, and create anxiety and depression. According to the International World Health Organization, “87 to 92 percent of all mental and physical illnesses are caused by stress.” Naturopathic medicine takes these non-physical considerations into account when assessing overall health. Using homeopathic remedies and natural treatments, Naturopathic Physician helps bring the patient’s body back into balance; empowering the body’s ability to heal.

    Holism: Taking it all into account

    The body and mind are heavily interconnected and only together do they form a complete system to correctly assess a person’s health. For example, it is imperative to look beyond the symptoms and find the root cause of the illness to promote healing. Your body has a lot to tell a naturopathic physician about what ails it; we make sure that every aspect is analyzed. Naturopathic Physician uses comprehensive scientific testing to evaluate your body and develop a customized treatment plan that addresses all of your health concerns to assist the healing process.

    Synergistic treatments: It needs to work together

    Another aspect of holism is that the different systems of the body are also heavily interconnected. The circulatory system could not function without the lymphatic system and both would be pointless without a muscular skeletal system. When the body has an issue in one area it affects others which is essential knowledge in correct naturopathic/ homeopathic treatment. When creating a natural treatment plan it is important that the methods create powerful healing synergy between various systems and not harm one while helping another.

    Side Effects: Do no harm

    Naturopathic Physician helps to keep patients in Orland Park, Frankfort and Lemont safe using natural remedies to eliminate harmful side effects. Promote wellness in your body, empowering your health naturally.

    Prevention: Protecting and strengthening your body

    Each body is different and requires a specialized plan to maximize their health. Dr. Steven Van Lopik not only deals with illness but in improving the overall strength and wellness of the body. With our comprehensive scientific testing, Naturopathic Physician is well placed to develop natural treatments to improve the functional health of our patients in Orland Park, Frankfort and Lemont. Call for a consultation today to strengthen your body and empower your health.