Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

Those suffering from arthritis in the Orland Park area can find the help they need at Advanced Alternative Medcare. The continuous pain arthritis sufferers go through can make even small tasks into a struggle.

At Advanced Alternative Medcare, we help you deal with the pain but even more importantly we help the people of Orland Park to do what they can to fight the root cause of the condition. Diet becomes important in this area as certain foods help reduce the damage caused by arthritis, fight inflammation and pain and aid the body in regenerating cartilage while at the same time improving its elasticity. Diet is also important in many other ways. For instance, an individual may possess sensitivity to a certain food which may not be very harmful to them normally but it may aggravate the causes and symptoms of arthritis. A thorough nutritional assessment combined with our comprehensive scientific broad spectrum testing will bring to light these often overlooked factors which affect the severity of your condition. Dr. Van Lopik will also develop homeopathic healing strategies to help in pain relief and help improve your body’s immune and circulatory systems to improve your body’s health.

These are only a few of the methods used by Advanced Alternative Medcare’s staff to improve the quality of life of our Orland Park patients. We welcome you to contact us for a consultation and help your body to heal naturally.

Helpful tips for Arthritis Sufferers

Advanced Alternative Medcare has a few tips to help our fellow community members ofOrland Park improve their condition.

  • If you are overweight it is a very good idea for arthritis sufferers to work towards a healthy body size. The reason for this is that the extra weight places more pressure on the affected joints leading to more rapid degeneration and increased pain.
  • Work on improving posture. Good posture allows the body’s weight to be distributed evenly and thus place less pressure on the affected joints.

Symptoms of arthritis


  • Joint pain
  • Gradual but progressive stiffening

Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Painful swelling, inflammation and stiffness in extremity joints
  • Occurring at same joints at both sides
  • Worse when waking up

Infectious arthritis

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Joint inflammation
  • Sharp pain