Chronic Illness

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Candida

Feeling tired all the time? It is possible that you have chronic fatigue syndrome. Advanced Alternative Medcare can help you find your energy again. Candid, or an over production of yeast in the body, can have a very wide variety of effects on the body as well as exacerbate other issues. Our treatments not only lessen the yeast in your body but also help keep yeast overgrowth from reoccurring.


Fibromyalgia shares many similarities with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Advanced Alternative Medcare has comprehensive scientific testing to uncover the cause of your illness and help develop a unique treatment plan.

Lyme's Disease

If you have been noticed signs of Lyme disease such as a bulls-eye like rash, flu like symptoms and joint pain then come and see Advanced Alternative Medcare to get tested. Lyme disease has an early and a late stage and there is a higher rate of successful recovery when the disease is caught early on.


There are many different kinds of arthritis: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid, Infectious, septic, etc. Each type of arthritis comes with its own specific concerns. Advanced Alternative Medcare will not only help you fight the arthritis you suffer from but will also be able to evaluate if food or environmental sensitivities are making your arthritis worse.

Heart and Circulation Treatment

The most important muscle in the body, the heart needs to be catered to if you want to ensure a long and healthy life. Advanced Alternative Medcare will evaluate the condition of your heart and circulatory system and discuss the best options to strengthen cardiovascular system.

Digestive Disorders

Do you love to eat but you digestive track is giving you a hard time? The digestive system is enormously complex as it incorporates many different organs. Advanced Alternative Medcare’s team is well-versed in digestive disorders and is here to help the people of Lemont live better.