Naturopathic medicine is grounded in the same biochemical science as traditional medicine, but has distinguished its approach from symptoms to natural healing of the whole body system as its guiding principle. The Naturopathic goal is to the help people of Frankfort improve and strengthen their bodies by helping to correct and prevent dis-ease and stabilize homeostasis which is essential for a strong, healthy body. Advanced Alternative Medcare uses natural therapies and customized treatment—the guiding principle of holistic health care.


The term ‘naturopathy’ was created is 1885 in Europe to describe a field of natural therapeutics in response to toxic intervention of traditional medicine. These natural methods were brought to American in the late 19th Century and further developed in the early 20th Century to form what is now a distinguished medical profession for primary care.


Naturopathy understands that the body has a great capacity to heal itself but often needs professionally guided assistance. To help restore and build your body people in Frankfort look to Advanced Alternative Medcare for the highest pharmaceutical grade of natural and homeopathic remedies only available to qualified medical professionals. The high quality of these natural remedies helps to eliminate toxins, boost the immune system and help correct the imbalance of the illness at the root cause helping to bring the body back into balance and creating strong health.


The word doctor stems from the ability to teach others through acquired medical knowledge. Educating the patients in Frankfort is a primary focus. Dr. Steven Van Lopik takes time with each patient helping them develop a better understanding of their diet and nutrition, energy and fitness, stress management and relaxation, and the primary concerns of their illness. In a professional and caring atmosphere, Dr. Steven Van Lopik provides a customized treatment plan to help restore and rebuild your health. Call for a consultation and begin your journey to ‘empower your health,’ have good days and enjoy life again.