Orland Park Detoxification

In the world we live in, all of us in Orland Park are constantly being exposed to a wide variety of environmental toxins – in the food we eat, in the water we drink, and even in the air we breathe. Our bodies have a natural ability to break down and eliminate toxins, but in most people this ability to cleanse our systems has been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of toxins we consume. When our organs that normally detoxify our bodies can no longer handle the load of poisons, they are released back into our blood stream and end up stored in cells everywhere in our body, but especially in our fat cells. Weight loss leads to these toxins being released back into the blood, leading to aches and fatigue.

Furthermore, the presence of these toxins in your system leads to a variety of afflictions. High toxicity will cause your immune system to malfunction, leading to allergies, autoimmunity, chemical sensitivities, and even certain cancers. It can throw off your hormone production, leading to weight gain, acne, or hypothyroidism.

Natural/Homeopathic Detoxification

Pharmaceutical grade therapeutic natural treatments and homeopathic remedies to help eliminate these excess toxins from your body, and if you’ve never done it before you won’t believe the difference it can make! Detoxification has a range of beneficial effects like increased energy levels and better mental focus, a strengthened immune system, reduced painful effects of chronic illness, and helps rejuvenate healthier looking hair and skin. Once your body is not laboring under the load of environmental toxins, it just generally functions better and you can feel healthier and happier.

If you are in the Orland Park area and would like to improve your functional health, make an appointment and come in to talk to us about a full-body detox. Dr. Van Lopik will help you create a personalized nutritional and holistic homeopathic detox plan to provide your body with the resources you need to stay healthy while also boosting your body’s ability to eliminate the toxins that have built up in your system over the years.

Naturopathic medicine and homeopathic remedies combined with full spectrum testing, under the supervision of Dr. Van Lopik, can help you get healthier.