Holistic Health Practitioner in Lemont

If you have been looking for an experienced naturalistic health professional in Lemont, you needn't look any further. Advanced Alternative Medcare is a certified holistic health practitioner that is here to help you treat your ailments by using natural means.

We offer holistic treatments for many ailments that are causing you discomfort or making life difficult. We will develop a personalized naturopathic or homeopathic medicine through our detailed consultation process to get you back on track with your health.

If a chronic illness is plaguing you and you need help with it, contact Advanced Alternative Medcare right away. We'd love to set up an appointment to discuss your holistic treatment options.

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Experienced Naturopath

In the line of holistic medicine, there are many to choose from. Dr. Vanlopik and company are Lemont's naturopathic specialists, and we have been around for many years. We have helped countless thousands of patients get better and we want to help you too.

Besides giving our clients treatments, we offer advice about improving or maintaining your health when away from our office.

At our facility, we provide:

  • Detailed health consultations
  • Calm, clean environment
  • Great prices
  • Broad-spectrum testing
  • Easy scheduling system

If you are looking for natural treatments for common ailments such as allergies, anxiety, insomnia, ADD, and more - Advanced Alternative Medcare is the team in Lemont and the surrounding area to turn to. Contact us to see why we have become Lemont's preferred naturopathic physician.

Personalized Holistic Health Treatments

The first thing we need to do is discuss your symptoms. Call us right away to book your initial health consultation. We will find a time ideal for both parties, and we can meet over the phone or in person at our office.

The point of the discussion is to get to the center of what is ailing you, so that we can locate the problem and begin treating it. With Dr. Steven F. Vanlopik at the helm of our ship, we can easily guide you towards health once again. He is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, Integrated health, and is a member of many international health academies. There is no one better you can turn to than Advanced Alternative Medcare when looking for your next holistic treatment center.

Natural Treatment for Many Illnesses

Our expertise in treating ailments naturally extends to a wide variety of health issues. As naturopath physicians, we will go to great lengths to help you solve your problem. Within the walls of our facility, you will find treatment for your conditions, illnesses, ailments, and more.

We can help you receive holistic treatment for:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Candida
  • Lyme's disease
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Digestive disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Allergies
  • ADD
  • ADHD

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Call upon Advanced Alternative Medcare any time you need holistic health assistance. We are a team of dedicated holistic health practitioners who want to see you get back on your feet again.

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